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                  Latest News:
                       State of the CoApp Project
                       Where I talk about where we are, and what's coming up next...

                  CoApp is a set of open source tools for building C/C++ NuGet packages for Windows.

                  The goal of the CoApp project is to create a community of developers dedicated to creating a set of tools and processes that enable other open source developers to create and maintain their open source products with Windows as a primary build target.

                  Learn more »

                  Software Packages

                  Currently, you can find our C/C++ NuGet packages in NuGet's Package Repository.

                  Developers Needed!

                  The CoApp project is in beta right now, but we still need help building the tools, creating shallow-forks, and building packages.

                  Heck, we could also use some help building the website and documentation!

                  Contribute »

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