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                  Encoding videos into .mp4 and .webm formats



                  You'll need the following in order to correctly set up your development environment for working on CoApp:

                  • VLC -- Download VLC from Videolan -- install into the default location.
                  • Transcode.cmd -- get the batch file -- unpack into your path somewhere.

                  The script file usage:

                  Dual VLC Transcoder - makes H.264 [.mp4] and WebM [.webm] videos
                  transcode.cmd \path\to\sourcevideofile.avi \path\to\destination_name
                       sourcevideofile can be nearly any video type--avi,wmv,mkv..etc.
                       Don't specify the output extension, .mp4 and .webm will be appended.

                  and an video showing how to use it: