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                  Checking Out the Source Code



                  You'll need the following in order to correctly set up your development environment for working on CoApp:

                  The CoApp source repositories

                  The majority of CoApp is placed in two source repositories:

                  CoApp - The Core CoApp Engine/Toolkit -- this is the code for the core CoApp engine, including the code that bootstraps the CoApp Engine when a package is installed.

                  Devtools - The CoApp Developer Tools -- this contains the source code for the all developer tools (including autopackage, simplesigner, etc). This includes the tools that are used by developers and publishers to build shallow forks, create packages, and sign binaries (plus more!).

                  There are three submodules found in the ext folder ( binaries, tools and libraries) in both of these projects that contain the shared binary files between the projects (so you could just check out the Devtools project and build it without actually having to check out the engine, even though there are dependencies between them.)

                  Checking out the source code from GitHub


                  The Git repository for the CoApp project is found at : git@github.com:coapp/coapp.git

                  From the developer command prompt, you can run the following:

                  REM Assuming that you want to work in the c:\project\ folder:
                  c:\> mkdir c:\project
                  c:\> cd c:\project
                  c:\project\> git clone --recursive  git@github.com:coapp/coapp.git 

                  It will run for a bit (it takes time to do the initial checkout):

                  When it's done you will see something like:

                  Checking out the source code with Git


                  The Git repository for the devtools project is found at : git@github.com:coapp/devtools.git

                  Check it out in a similar way (and right beside the coapp project)

                  c:\> cd c:\project
                  c:\project\> git clone --recursive  git@github.com:coapp/devtools.git 

                  And it should look something like:

                  Checking out the source code with Git

                  You now have the code, and are ready to build some code!