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      3. CoApp Design Change Meeting Today

        Jul 22 2011 by Garrett Serack @fearthecowboy

        Sorry for the short notice, but I'm going to have a conference call this morning to talk about a problem that we’ve run into and how we’re going to solve it.

        We have to make some fundamental changes in the architecture of the CoApp engine to work around a problem discovered yesterday afternoon.

        The problem, is that when the user double-clicks on an a CoApp MSI, Windows Installer elevates the installer process by switching to the LOCALSYSTEM (NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) account, but actively removes a bunch of privileges that they didn't figure an installer would need—specifically the ability to create symlinks has been removed.

        Symlinks are a critical part of CoApp's design, and I'm not willing to compromise the features that rely on them.

        The only way we can get from that crippled LOCALSYSTEM account to a real LOCALSYSTEM account is to create a Win32 service, and spin it up (which we can actually do from that crippled LOCALSYSTEM account), and have it do the work we need done.

        Of course, doing this is a fundamental shift, and requires some careful thought and execution.

        On the up side, I did anticipate going this direction at some point in the future (V2), so this could be a blessing in disguise.

        We can talk about this at the conf call at 10:30 AM PDT this morning.

        Everyone is welcome.

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