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                  Shallow Forking Sprint Weekend!

                  Aug 25 2011 by Garrett Serack @fearthecowboy

                  A little close to short notice, but as we're getting close to the end of August,
                  I thought we should do a sprint to get a bunch more shallow-forks done.

                  So for this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), I'm going to spend as much time
                  online on IRC and Lync (and Skype if needs be) to give live assistance to anyone doing shallow forks.

                  As well, for every person that submits at least one shallow fork, I'll give two bonuses:

                  1. Double their points/entries earned this weekend in the final draw for the prizes.

                  2. Let them pick one of the third-level prizes to get right away (any one item from XBox live subscription, 4000 Microsoft points, Xbox Controllers, Xbox Headsets ,Arc Keyboards, Sidewinder Keyboards, One of serveral XBox games, ... I think there is a few more things in there too!)

                  So, yeah, come join us on IRC and/or on the online conference call:

                  You can dial-in or use the free Lync client:

                  Meeting Details:

                  Join online meeting, starting 10:30AM PDT Friday

                  Join by Phone
                  Toll Free: 1(888)320-3585
                  Local: 1(425)706-3500 or Find a local number
                  Conference ID: 640823217
                  First online meeting?