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                  Announcement tomorrow at the Weekly Meeting!

                  Nov 03 2011 by Garrett Serack @fearthecowboy

                  The last bunch of conference calls we’ve had have been so successful, I just wanted to make sure everyone got a reminder for tomorrow.

                  I'm calling Beta2 "good-enough" and going to go over a ton of things, and hopefully we can get some folks out to work on a few more pieces.

                  The general agenda will be to give an update on our current status, address technical issues and design direction and to answer questions anyone may have across anything regarding CoApp.

                  I'm also going to try to use Lync and Skype at the same time, so if you're having troubles with Lync, and you use skype, add me (garrett.serack) and I'll get you online that way. Hopefully this will help smooth out some of the bumps.

                  You can download the Lync client here

                  Connect to the meeting by clicking on the link here Friday at 10:30PDT tomorrow morning (I should be on earlier than 10:30, join early if you want :).
                  Or dial in (see below!) for just the audio.

                  Oh, by the way, I'm gonna give away some prizes tomorrow!


                  Meeting Details:

                  Join online meetingFriday 10:30PDT

                  Join by Phone
                  Toll Free: 1(888)320-3585
                  Local: 1(425)706-3500 or Find a local number
                  Conference ID: 640823217
                  First online meeting?