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                  Important CoApp Conference Call for FEB 17 2012

                  Feb 16 2012 by Garrett Serack @fearthecowboy

                  There will be a CoApp Conference call on Friday, however, I'm going to move it up an hour, since I have a hard stop at 11:00am.

                  So the conference call will be at 9:30 am PST

                  CoApp Beta 3 Announcement
                  CoApp UI design for Updater and GUI Package Manager
                  More on Google Summer of Code

                  Like always, everyone is welcome!

                  Connecting to the conference call
                  Click Here to join the online meeting, starting 9:30AM PDT Friday
                  If this is your first tiem, you should install the free Lync client click Here to see how to connect to the online meeting
                  Or, Join by Phone
                  Toll Free: 1(888)320-3585
                  Local: 1(425)706-3500 or Click Here to find a local number
                  Conference ID: 640823217