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                  About CoApp

                  What is CoApp?

                  The CoApp project aims to create a vibrant Open Source ecosystem on Windows by providing the technologies needed to build a complete community-driven Package Management System, along with tools to enable developers to take advantage of features of the Windows platform.

                  For more complete description, read our quick overview of CoApp

                  TODO: Let people to find out if they need/like CoApp and need/want to use it, in 60-120 seconds. History, motivation and rationale Why CoApp exists. Very High-level, overall structure of project, infrastructure, etc.

                  CoApp Team

                  Garrett Serack is the architect,the lead developer and the manager of the CoApp project.

                  TODO: Who is behind CoApp, project owner/manager, people, organisations, names

                  License & Copyright

                  The CoApp project is developed and maintained under the Apache License, 2.0.

                  The CoApp project is hosted on GitHub under the organization CoApp at https://github.com/coapp/.


                  To facilitate community involvement, the CoApp project has a public governance model. The governance model describes how project decisions are made and how project members can earn additional responsibilities.


                  If you have a question or query to the CoApp project team, there are numerous means of contact, depending on your interest and preference.

                  Specifically to the nature of your request, you can:
                  - send e-mail to the mailing list
                  - join the IRC channel
                  - tweet @CoApp
                  - submit a bug report or feature request