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                  CoApp PowerShell tools

                  The CoApp PowerShell tools are ready for use now.

                  We're still refining them, and will be constantly refreshing the bits as we go--we're constantly adding more scenarios and building better packages.

                  Stable Beta release:


                  Daily-build 'unstable' release:


                  To Report Bugs:


                  HintIf you have the CoApp PowerShell tools installed, you can update to the latest stable version:

                  404 Not Found

                  Error: Not Found

                  The requested URL / was not found on this server.


                  Or update to the latest beta version:

                  CoApp Package Manager

                  Note! Builds are not currently available for the CoApp package manager. They should be back in Mid-May

                  Stable release:


                  Daily-build 'unstable' release: