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                  Tutorials for building packages

                  CoApp is a community project, and we're always looking for more help.

                  This section contains tutorials about how you can help out with CoApp.

                  Developer How-to tutorials

                  Getting Started

                  New! Installing CoApp Developer Tools - Step-by-step instructions on installing and running the CoApp developer tools

                  I want to build my own native packages for NuGet

                  New! Building a simple NuGet package - Step-by-step instructions on creating a simple native package. Or, watch the Video Video

                  New! AutoPackage Guide - An introductory guide to .autopkg files.

                  Contributing to the CoApp Project

                  I can help write documentation or add to the website

                  Checking out the source for CoApp website
                  Making modifications to CoApp website
                  Pushing patches back to CoApp website
                  Transcoding a video into .mp4 (h.264) and .webm formats Video

                  I've found some bugs in CoApp (or a package)

                  Filing bugs for CoApp on GitHub

                  Interacting with the community

                  Find us on IRC
                  Send us some email