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      3. Publish-NuGetPackage Cmdlet



        Publishes one or more NuGet packages (and their related packages) to a NuGet repository.


        Publish-NuGetPackage -Packages <package files> [-ApiKey <key>] [-ConfigFile <path>] [-Timeout <seconds>] [-Repository <URL>] [-SymbolsRepostory <URL>]


        Uploads NuGet packages to the NuGet repository. Symbols packages are automatically routed to the symbols repository.


        -Packages (files)

        Package files to publish. Only specify the base package, the .redist and .symbols packages will be found automatically.

        -ApiKey (string)

        The API key for the NuGet server.

        -ConfigFile (path)

        The NuGet configuration file. If not specified, file %AppData%\NuGet\NuGet.config is used as configuration file.

        -Timeout (string)

        Specifies the timeout for pushing to a server in seconds. Defaults to 300 seconds (5 minutes).

        -Repository (string)

        Specifies the symbol server URL. If not specified, nuget.org is used unless DefaultPushSource config value is set in the NuGet config file

        -SymbolRepository (string)

        Specifies the server URL. If not specified, https://nuget.gw.symbolsource.org/Public/NuGet is used.


        Suppress output of all non-essential messages


        Prints a lot of extra details about the process. May be useful for debugging.


        Online Help: http://www.shigaoxian88.com/reference/publish-nugetpackage.html
        Report Bugs To: https://github.com/coapp/coapp.powershell/issues