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                  Update-CoAppTools Cmdlet



                  Downloads the most recent version of the CoApp PowerShell tools and installs it.


                      Update-CoAppTools [-Beta] [-KillPowershells]


                  This cmdlet looks online for the most recent build of the CoApp PowerShell tools (found online at http://downloads.www.shigaoxian88.com/files/CoApp.Tools.Powershell.msi), downloads the MSI and compares the version to the version currently running.

                  If the version downloaded is a higher version, it proceeds to install the updated MSI.



                  If specified, will retrieve the latest 'beta' build (newer, but possibly less stable than the default). Found online at http://downloads.www.shigaoxian88.com/files/Beta.CoApp.Tools.Powershell.msi


                  If specified, will attempt to kill all the PowerShell processes after kicking off the installer. (May require administrator permissions).


                  Suppress output of all non-essential messages


                  Prints a lot of extra details about the process. May be useful for debugging.

                  RELATED LINKS

                  Online Help: http://www.shigaoxian88.com/reference/update-coapptools.html
                  Report Bugs To: https://github.com/coapp/coapp.powershell/issues